Setting the agenda for compliance and safety online

E-ID & Age Verification

The issue of age verification is still ‘unsolved’ in the online space. At Trust Elevate we are putting research resources to solve this crucial area and forming partnerships with experts and research bodies to devise innovative solutions.

Compliance for Start-Ups

Non-compliance with existing online regulations and not future proofing your business can have significant financial- and reputational costs. Trust Elevate will create innovative solutions to make compliance more understandable and accessible.

Child Protection Policy

Younger generations are the future of the Internet. We provide advice to start-ups, SMEs and established companies on how best to safeguard for young people online. We conceive and develop innovative solutions tailored to your needs ranging from technologies to advisory services.

Business Intelligence Tools

With over 20 years experience of working in the technology sector, Trust Elevate sees the need for smarter BI compliance tools. Via intelligent BI solutions

Trust Elevate will enhance effective decision-making and decrease risk and liability exposure by taking the pain out of compliance.

Who We Are

Trust Elevate is a policy, regulatory and legal consultancy for tech businesses. Trust Elevate is developing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to support companies in meeting their compliance needs.

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Dr. Rachel O'Connell

Founder & CEO

Dr Rachel O’Connell, founder & CEO is one of the preeminent authorities on electronic identification and age verification and is the author of a technical standard entitled PAS 1296 Age Checking code of practice, which will be published by the British Standards Institution in March 2017. Rachel was the fifth person to join the start-up social networking platform, Bebo, and was instrumental in operationally building the business, which was acquired by AOL in 2008 for $850M. Before joining Bebo, Rachel led a series of highly successful large-scale Pan-European projects, which involved managing teams located in 19 countries across Europe. In 2000, Rachel set up the Cyberspace Research Unit, at the University of Central Lancashire and secured funding from the European Commission to establish and operate the first UK Internet Safety Centre (2000- 2006), which was based at the Cyberspace Research Unit. Rachel’s PhD examined the implications of online paedophile activity for investigative strategies

Claire Gauci Camilleri

Claire Camilleri Gauci

Director of Compliance

Claire Camilleri Gauci, MBA, is a leading Compliance Specialist in the financial sector with 20 years of experience. She serves as Compliance Officer and Director for licensed financial entities in Malta and provides compliance consultancy to major financial entities on the implementation of European Union Directives such as MIFID and AIFMD. Her career took off from the Banking Regulation and Compliance Section at the Central Bank of Malta. Following the change to a single regulatory body, Claire moved to the Malta Financial Services Authority and was involved in the on-site supervision for banks, in the drafting of banking and financial services legislation and in the due diligence process of prospective bank applications. Following this, she worked with major financial entities in Malta namely Global Capital plc, FXDD Malta and Active Services (Malta) Limited

Riz Husaini

Rizwaana Husaini

Chief Technical Officer

Rizwaana Husaini, CTO, is an experienced technology professional with a career of more than 15 years. Her background has seen her lead through numerous online, website, advertising, and data technology-related projects and programmes. She has experience in managing developers, designers, operations, advertising, and data professionals, all within the media space, and has worked on many brands through her advertising work. She has spent valuable time at key organisations including The Financial Times, Microsoft, and Havas Media Group, giving her a breadth of understanding on corporation and industry.

Michal HarisH

Michal Haris

Senior Engineer

Michal Haris, Senior Engineer, is an infrastructure architect who both understands data and knows the mechanics as well as the mathematics behind. He comes from the data analyst angle working with massive data sets and graphs, and he also has a solid understanding of statistics and machine learning. Michal uses Kafka, Spark, Samza, Flink, HBase, Cassandra, Redis, Solr, ElasticSearch and many other scalable tools to create pipelines that support both online/real-time and offline/analytical use cases.


Jonathan Rennison

Program Manager

Jonathan Rennison, Program Manager, leads programs of work involving developing countries. He has over twenty years experience of working in the education, voluntary and public sectors in a variety of senior management roles. Jonathan has expertise is building leadership teams to manage change and lead long-term growth and development. He also has extensive experience working overseas in conflict and post-conflict countries at a high level internationally with government and non-governmental organisations.


Edel O'Connell


Edel O’Connell is a Communications Consultant with more than 15 years’ experience working in media.  A former, award-winning journalist with The Irish Independent she has worked in the communications space for the past number of years, and has extensive experience of internal and external communications across the corporate, not for profit and SME sectors. Edel has a First Class Honours Master’s Degree in English and a Degree in Journalism and Communications and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. She is an experienced strategist with an extensive knowledge of crisis PR. Edel has successfully handled a number of complex, high-profile crises for global companies over the past number of years. As a former journalist she has served as a trusted adviser to clients on relationships with media and government. She is also a skilled lobbyist whose accolades included best Public Relations Lobbying Campaign 2015 from the Public Relations Institute of Ireland. As a news professional Edel is skilled at telling dynamic stories for brands and has a reputation for building trusted content.

Founder & CEO

Chris Pilling, CEO MatchDeck

Age-Related Eligibility Checks, Chair of the Commercial Work Stream

Chris Pilling is a serial entrepreneur and CEO & Founder of a business-­‐to-­‐business matching network. In August 2015 he went on to acquire aiHit Ltd, the world’s largest corporate search engine covering over 16 million companies, and merged it with Matchdeck…Read More 

Edgar Whitley

Trust Elevate's Age-Related Eligibility Checks - Steering Group

Dr Edgar Whitley is an Associate Professor (Reader) of Information Systems. Edgar has a BSc (Econ) and Ph.D. in Information Systems, both from LSE. He is the co-editor of Information Technology and People, Senior Editor for the AIS Transactions of Replication Research and an Associate Editor of the Journal of the AIS.. Read More

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